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Bethany Portfolio Photoshoot - Cornwall Portrait Photography

These images are of the amazing Bethany.  Being one of only a few photographers in Cornwall that are DBS registered, I was contacted by 14 year old Bethany's mum as she wanted to start a modelling portfolio for her daughter.  Bethany and her mum already had an idea for the style of shoot and had already purchased the necessary outfit and accessories.  The style was to be vintage/retro - a style I love shooting.

This was Bethany's first ever photo shoot and well, as you can see from the following images she was an absolute natural, no sign of nerves at all!  Great to work with and mum was over the moon with the resulting images!





Andy was the first photographer we had approached to start building a portfolio, he was ever the professional and out both myself and Bethany at ease. We have since worked with Andy a few more times and no consider him a friend.
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